Export promotion

Promote and sell your products abroad

Export promotion is good for the trade balance and for the overall economy that can also have incentive programs designed to draw more companies into exporting by arranging payment guaranty schemes, pre-shipment and post-shipment financing, trade visits, training, trade fairs, and foreign representation.

Your company can benefit from our export promotion efforts and participate in the global trade agreements and development of new markets.

 Global sourcing is a procurement strategy and a way to identify the most cost-efficient location for obtaining quality goods and raw materials. we have developed a pragmatic approach that facilitates the process from idea to contract.

We put our global network of more than (number 2,000) emerging market companies to the attention of your products, and services.

Our participation aims to reduce risks about agreements, cultural differences, financial matters, partner assessment, and other challenges connected to identifying the right partner.

The objective is to provide an effective approach from idea to contract and securing a contract depends on entry strategy and the ability to build trust.

Our forum supports you in the communication and negotiation processes. We involve our entire network of local and foreign business people to promote your objectives and provide assurance to the market and, finally, secure the client’s acceptance and cooperation. As with any business, success is based on closing contracts and providing a reliable and successful delivery.