Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Promotion

A global rules-based environment that can promote investment, innovation, agility, diversification, and sustainability

Bilateral and multilateral trade agreements contribute to the predictability and transparency of international trades and include commitments by countries to keep their markets open.

However, COVID-19 illustrated that trade and investment agreements did not prevent the introduction of restrictive trade measures and exacerbated the supply chain disruptions in case of crises.

New commitments in international agreements could be considered to reinforce the capacity of supply chains and help prevent the introduction of harmful measures.

For example, different types of export restrictions affected trade in key medical supplies, including face masks and vaccines.

By becoming our member, you will have the opportunity to explore additional commitments in international trade and investment agreements.
Our purpose is to create a business environment that facilitates adjustments and allows firms to be agile and diversify their sourcing and production organization at the international level, mitigate their risks and create trust amongst parties.