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Mission & Vision

Profound changes in power, authority, governance, and technology are taking place within and between countries, eroding trust and stability. These changes are demanding a fundamental redirection of global and national rules, systems, and markets to deliver global goods and public services.

GBA’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and companies build secure and prosperous pathways to sustainable growth that protect the planet and reduce inequalities within and between countries. We pursue our mission through dialogue, analysis, and solutions-based ideas, empowering the next generation to build a better economic world. We ensure our research and outputs are widely accessible, so people can develop their voice in international affairs. Collaboration is a core competence for our staff. It inspires our relationships with associates, partners, supporters, and members and helps us develop global networks to find positive, durable solutions. We are examining new forms of international cooperation, engaging diverse global actors, and exploring different tools and technologies to deliver our mission in this turbulent century.