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about us

Global Business Alliance (GBA)

Global Business Alliance (GBA) is an international business and trade cooperation networking platform for companies across the globe. GBA is offering reliable business partners, services in multiple countries through our strong network connections with the diplomatic missions and governments in different countries. GBA is aimed to connect by exploring the possibilities of promoting and exploring bilateral and multilateral trade, building a lasting alliance for new markets, and capitalising on existing business by sharing business information and opportunities profitable to the members of this forum.

We offer a competitive advantage to the forum members to avail the opportunities for result-oriented growth, partnership, and strategic alliance with global partners from different countries. GBA, backed by thirty years of experience in networking, is aimed at offering strategic business solutions and information for improving trade, economic cooperation, strengthening trade base, and improving exports among countries.

Driven through technology, backed by years of solid networks, We are promoting exports and bilateral trade through strong business awareness without spending much extra time searching or experiencing any financial impact.

GBA offers its members exclusive opportunities to share their company profiles and strengths with global investors and business partners and be part of business delegations to engage in high-level business activities. We are open to membership to form a coalition and support a better and prosperous world.


Mision Vision

Profound changes in power, authority, governance, and technology are taking place within and between countries, eroding trust and stability. These changes are demanding a fundamental redirection of global and national rules, systems, and markets to deliver global goods and public services.

GBA’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and companies build secure and prosperous pathways to sustainable growth that protect the planet and reduce inequalities within and between countries.

We pursue our mission through dialogue, analysis, and solutions-based ideas, empowering the next generation to build a better economic world. We ensure our research and outputs are widely accessible, so people can develop their voice in international affairs. Collaboration is a core competence for our staff. It inspires our relationships with associates, partners, supporters, and members and helps us develop global networks to find positive, durable solutions. We are examining new forms of international cooperation, engaging diverse global actors, and exploring different tools and technologies to deliver our mission in this turbulent century.

Why Choose us?

Why GBA?

There are new developments, new opportunities, and new markets constantly emerging in the world. How do you expand your business, enter new markets and stay one step ahead of your competitors?

The best way to do business and exchange information is through face-to-face meetings and business networking. Global Business alliance puts you right in the middle of potential business partners and provides you the opportunities to showcase your products and services in other parts of the world.