Sadiq Sabir

Sadiq Sabir has 17 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry with a mission to transform the tourism landscape of Pakistan and create opportunities for other related businesses. Being the CEO of Pak Aims Travel and Tours Pvt Ltd, a Lahore-based travel and tourism company, Sadiq Sabir has been creating benchmarks in connecting and catering to global and local tourists across the different regions of Pakistan and the globe. Sadiq Sabir has an outstanding business, management, and networking drive that has helped alleviate his company as a national-level leading enterprise licensed from IATA. Sadiq Sabir is educated with skills and high-level knowledge about contemporary trends in the travel and tourism industry in Pakistan and globally. Characterized as an innovative business and growth strategist, Sadiq Sabir has a perfect business profile that has made him a member of crucial national-level organizations and associations dealing with business and trade across the globe. As a result of his presence in essential committees, Sadiq has made a substantial contribution in helping to bring reforms in the business eco-system for the travel and tourism sector in Pakistan. Sadiq Sabir is a member of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Pakistan Norway Business Council, Sri Lanka Lahore Business Council, FPCCI Diplomatic Affairs Committee, Pakistan Travel Agent Association, Pakistan Tour Operator Association, and Co-convener of the Committee, where his main aim is to help create ease and growth opportunities for his fellow businesses. Apart from this, Sadiq is Director at Friends of Economic Reforms, where the main objective is to help promote business and tourism arrangements.