Farhat Asif

Farhat Asif is an award-winning 15 years strong academic, business, and media evangelist with an experience in building networks amongst diplomats, media, business groups, government, and civil society leaders based in Pakistan and across the globe. As a Chairperson to Diplomatic Insight Group with four prominent Academic, Research, Training, Media, Business and Public Diplomacy entities, Farhat Asif has made her leadership benchmark. Through innovation and cutting edge management and innovation in international relations, academia, research, policy making Farhat has introduced significant ways cooperation and collaboration between Pakistan and global community. The Group includes foreign policy Magazine, the Diplomatic Insight, Think and Do Tank Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, Trading and Consultancy Company Belt and Road Consultants Pvt Ltd, and Multilingual News Agency Global News Pakistan. Believing firmly in digital diplomacy and the new communications revolution, Farhat has recently launched DiploTV- a unique project by the Group wherein Ambassadors, Diplomats, and high representatives are planned to engage and spotlight on issues of global south.
Farhat Asif is the N-Peace Award 2017 Award Winner for the category “Campaign for Action.” This award recognizes the work of a woman and a man whose mobilization in the advancement of women, peace, and security, particularly at the sub-national level. N-Peace is managed by UNDP’s Bangkok Regional Hub with UNDP Offices across Indonesia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines, in partnership with the Institute for Inclusive Security, Washington DC, USA.

Farhat has MSc and MPhil in International Relations from Quaid-I-Azam University and has a research focus on international relations, foreign relations, public diplomacy and Strategic Communications. Farhat has won Fellowship from German Council on Foreign Relations and has been invited to speak and participate on numerous national and international forums. Farhat has also been awarded the Fellowship of Global Change Leaders Program, 2018, at Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.